Rotating Home

An architect in Iran has designed as built a house that rotates. Apparently this provides flexibility to open up to the views in summer and close up in winter. The central void space means the house lets plenty of natural light regardless of whether the rotating boxes are in or out. However, I’m not sure the rotating option was really necessary; an interesting house nevertheless.

Commonwealth Games Village

The 2018 Commonwealth Games Village on the Gold Coast designed by Architects Arkhefield, ARM Architecture and Archipelago will serve the elderly once the games are complete. The design reflects the sub-tropical environment of Queensland’s South East with special attention being paid to sunlight, shading, natural ventilation and water. Located on a seven hectare site in the Parklands it will include a retail complex and house 6,500 athletes in apartment and townhouse accommodation during the games. The development will be designed to be more  accessible for the elderly and disabled, with wider corridors and step free thresholds to reduce trip hazards. It’s an exciting project for the Gold Coast.

Architecture of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers

I find the Gold Coast an exciting and vibrant place to design quality buildings. Its natural landscape and built context provokes inspirational ideas for future architecture. Take the time to hear the thoughts and insights from the local architects that help design our beautiful Gold Coast.


Sustainable Design

Sustainable home design | Hill house

Sustainable design is not just about doing your little bit to save the planet, it’s also about saving money. How your home is designed can greatly affect your energy and water bills. The Archicentre link below focuses the importance of sustainable design in more detail.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 #GC2018

The Games Village for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Parklands.

Watch a model become a reality #ArchitectureModel

Watch “Great Ocean House – Peter Winkler Architects” on YouTube – pretty cool!