Update: Coomera Waters Residence Under Construction


The construction on the mystery project in Serenade Drive, Coomera Waters, Qld has progressed. Roof sheeting and insulation is now in place and the client appears to be experimenting with the idea of external timber cladding. Its taking shape and looks promising.


Coomera Waters Residence Under Contruction

I passed by this new home currently under construction in Serenade Drive, Coomera Waters. I found its butterfly roof and gatehouse very distinctive. Positioning the garage with a side entry, to avoid the garage dominating the streetscape a very refreshing idea. I would love to know more about the architect/building designer behind this project. I will keep an eye on its progress for future posts.

Coomera Waters Residence under construction - 2

Coomera Waters Residence

Coomera Waters Residence under construction - 3