Working with an Architect

From concept design through to completion, working with an registered architect can be a very rewarding experience.

Matthew Dean Architects

Invest in your architect

Architects can add value to your home through their design expertise and experience. While Architect’s fees are often more than Building Designers and Draftspeople because we are never simply ‘drafting a set of plans’. Architects spend a significant amount of time working with your brief and refining the finer details of your design. We invest a lot love and pride into your project to find the best design solutions.

Hiring an Architect. Registered or unregistered?

Would you trust the construction of your home to an unlicensed builder? I’m hoping the answer is NO. After graduation, architects need to go through an extensive examination process to become registered. Engaging a registered architect will give you the reassurance you have invested in the best design professional for your project.

Provide a detailed brief

The more information you provide to you architect the better the design will be to suit your individual requirements.

Update: Coomera Waters Residence Under Construction


The construction on the mystery project in Serenade Drive, Coomera Waters, Qld has progressed. Roof sheeting and insulation is now in place and the client appears to be experimenting with the idea of external timber cladding. Its taking shape and looks promising.


How to Work with Builders

I would always recommend commissioning a registered architect to have oversight of the building work during construction. It is important to ensure the construction of your project is inspected regularly in accordance with the plans, contract and building regulations to ensure compliance. However, if you decide to manage this aspect of the project yourself there are many issues to consider. This article by David Harrison from addresses some of these important issues in greater detail:,18057