Hansford Residences, Qld

I recently visited a project in Coombabah, on the Gold Coast, where I was involved with the re-design of the facades. I had a tour of the site and managed to take some photos during construction. I might have to re-visit once its all done. http://hansfordresidences.com.au/


New Home at Fitzgibbon Chase

The 3D render artist has been busy working up our new home designs lately. This one is for a new home at Fitzgibbon Chase in the Brisbane suburb of Fitzgibbon.


Kedron House

Matthew Dean Architects specialises in the design of prestige modern homes. Here is another currently under way in Kedron, on the Brisbane’s north side. We’re looking forward to seeing this one come to life in 2017.

Kedron Residence 2

Kedron Residence 3

Kedron Residence 1

Southport Townhouse

Matthew Dean Architects has been busy designing a number of new projects, which we hope to post soon. Here are some images of a design for a proposed townhouse development in Southport, Queensland we recently completed.


A Hamptons Style House in Kingscliff

We recently completed a design concept for a Hamptons style house in Kingscliff NSW.

Kingscliff Hamptons Style 1


Kingscliff Hamptons Style 2

Rotating Home

An architect in Iran has designed as built a house that rotates. Apparently this provides flexibility to open up to the views in summer and close up in winter. The central void space means the house lets plenty of natural light regardless of whether the rotating boxes are in or out. However, I’m not sure the rotating option was really necessary; an interesting house nevertheless.

Architect Designed Homes – From a real estate agent’s perspective

Living in an architect designed home can not only prove emotionally rewarding, it can also prove to have economic benefits

People say location, location, location. They never say design, design, design

– Marcus Lloyd-Jones (Modern House Real Estate)

Visit Architecture and Design  for more on Marcus’s views on how architect designed homes can prove a financially beneficial investment.