Modern Addition – Mitchelton, Brisbane, Qld

Construction update: Week 6

Construction by Tim Watson from Building Quality Constructions continues to progress well. The slab for the carport and alfresco has been poured and the rear addition is really starting to take shape. It will be exciting to see the new roof and cladding go on soon.

Modern Addition – Mitchelton, Brisbane, Qld

Construction update: Weeks 3- 4

Construction by Tim Watson from Building Quality Constructions is progressing well on the modern front and rear additions to this existing 1950s cottage in Mitchelton. The design by Matthew Dean Architects includes a new carport and alfresco at the front and additional bedrooms, bathroom and study at the rear connected to the original cottage by a frameless glass walkway, creating a clear delineation between the old and the new.

Luxury Residence – Stretton, Brisbane, Qld

The design for this new luxury residence was recently completed by Matthew Dean Architects in Stretton, Brisbane (Qld). It boasts nine bedrooms all with ensuites, four living areas, gym, 15-seat theatre, six car basement garage, a rooftop family function room, pool, tennis court, Teppanyaki bar and a self-contained caretakers unit. There is also an internal lift to service the three levels above the basement. It is currently going through the approval process and is due to start construction in 2021. Stay tuned for progress updates.

Waterfront Duplex – Inga Ave – Surfers Paradise, Qld

Construction is underway on this waterfront duplex project designed by Matthew Dean Architects at Inga Avenue, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast (Qld). The build is starting to take shape! Stay tuned for progress updates.

Working with an Architect

From concept design through to completion, working with an registered architect can be a very rewarding experience.

Matthew Dean Architects

Invest in your architect

Architects can add value to your home through their design expertise and experience. While Architect’s fees are often more than Building Designers and Draftspeople because we are never simply ‘drafting a set of plans’. Architects spend a significant amount of time working with your brief and refining the finer details of your design. We invest a lot love and pride into your project to find the best design solutions.

Hiring an Architect. Registered or unregistered?

Would you trust the construction of your home to an unlicensed builder? I’m hoping the answer is NO. After graduation, architects need to go through an extensive examination process to become registered. Engaging a registered architect will give you the reassurance you have invested in the best design professional for your project.

Provide a detailed brief

The more information you provide to you architect the better the design will be to suit your individual requirements.

Home Solar Energy

Given the reduced feed in tariffs for solar generator energy, generating your own sustainable energy may not prove to be such an attractive option. But that may all be about to change. Storing your own energy onsite in battery packs is catching on and will become more affordable in years to come.

Home battery storage to ‘revolutionise’ solar industry in Australia: Climate Council report

Update: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

Coomera Indoor Sports Centre

Construction on Coomera’s Indoor Sports Centre appears to be progressing slowly. This centre is to host the gymnastics, netball and basketball events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games as mentioned in a previous post: GC2018 Coomera. A pad has been excavated in preparation for the main concrete slab. A drilling rig is on site preparing some piles to support the main floor structure. In 4 week’s time I would expect to see plumbing and concrete reinforcement in place ready for a concrete pour. I will keep you posted.

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Bob the Builder Project Build

In this episode Bob teaches us an important lesson on the pitfalls of prefabricated housing and how it can be adapted to best suits the clients requirements. Bob could serve his clients more effectively if he engaged an architect.

Pre-purchase Inspections Before Buying a Property

Looking at buying a new or existing property? Ron Smith from Archicentre has some very helpful tips worth considering before placing your deposit.

image Pre-purchase inspections can:

  • Be a valuable negotiating tool
  • Help identify any potential or existing building faults
  • Check the property for termites prior to purchase

Be aware, in Queensland, (Australia) Building Inspections must be carried out by a licensed contractor.

Setting a Building Budget

Matthew Dean Architects Design 6One of first steps to take before jumping into the design of your new home, addition or alteration involves setting a budget. The budget you set is influenced by a number of factors. These include:

  • Building type & size
  • Initial site works
  • Quality of fit-out
  • Quality of design & materials
  • Type of site/context i.e. flat, sloping etc.

The link below will take you to a ‘Building Costing Calculator‘ to help set your project on the correct path.