Coomera Waters Residence Under Contruction

I passed by this new home currently under construction in Serenade Drive, Coomera Waters. I found its butterfly roof and gatehouse very distinctive. Positioning the garage with a side entry, to avoid the garage dominating the streetscape a very refreshing idea. I would love to know more about the architect/building designer behind this project. I will keep an eye on its progress for future posts.

Coomera Waters Residence under construction - 2

Coomera Waters Residence

Coomera Waters Residence under construction - 3

Coomera Indoor Sports Construction Update

Construction on Coomera Indoor Sports Centre appears to be progressing. This centre is to host the gymnastics, netball and basketball events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games as mentioned in one of my earlier posts. A pad has been excavated in preparation for the main concrete slab. Footings are currently being poured in place to support the perimeter frame, with the wall and roof framing beginning to take shape. I will keep you posted.

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Byron Bay House by Architectus – Upside down house

The Byron Bay House by Architectus is set in the picturesque Byron Bay Hinterland. The living areas are upstairs, which enables the occupants to capture views of the surrounding countryside and ocean in the distance from the main living areas including the huge balcony. The use of glass means there are views from everywhere bringing the outside in. The extensive use of timber, in a variety of forms, borrows nicely from its environment and means the house does not seem out of place in its rural setting. It is an exceptional house in an equally exceptional and peaceful location.

Byron Bay House by Architectus

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