Furnishing Your Home

Furnishings are often considered to be the final consideration before moving into your new home. However, the decision on how to appropriately furnish your home should take place during the design process.

When I design a space for a new home, alteration or addition, I will always place furniture on the plans. This helps for the following reasons:

  • determining the size of the space required;
  • assists with the design of circulation space around furniture;
  • allows to explore flexible future furniture arrangements; and
  • helps the client budget for future furniture purchases


Many clients have existing furniture that can be measured and placed within the design of a space. While its best not to purchase your furniture prior to moving in, as tight fitting furniture may require a measure after the builder has completed his work, but there’s nothing preventing you from window shopping. Furniture is a very effective means of introducing a ‘splash of colour’ into a space. I often encourage my clients to resist introducing too many wall colours in their home, instead using the colours and textures found in furniture to create depth and character within a space.

When working with your architect, discuss and explore various furniture options to ensure you get the most out of your new spaces.