Commonwealth Games Village

The 2018 Commonwealth Games Village on the Gold Coast designed by Architects Arkhefield, ARM Architecture and Archipelago will serve the elderly once the games are complete. The design reflects the sub-tropical environment of Queensland’s South East with special attention being paid to sunlight, shading, natural ventilation and water. Located on a seven hectare site in the Parklands it will include a retail complex and house 6,500 athletes in apartment and townhouse accommodation during the games. The development will be designed to be more  accessible for the elderly and disabled, with wider corridors and step free thresholds to reduce trip hazards. It’s an exciting project for the Gold Coast.

Update: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

Coomera Indoor Sports Centre

Construction on Coomera’s Indoor Sports Centre appears to be progressing slowly. This centre is to host the gymnastics, netball and basketball events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games as mentioned in a previous post: GC2018 Coomera. A pad has been excavated in preparation for the main concrete slab. A drilling rig is on site preparing some piles to support the main floor structure. In 4 week’s time I would expect to see plumbing and concrete reinforcement in place ready for a concrete pour. I will keep you posted.

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Bob the Builder Project Build

In this episode Bob teaches us an important lesson on the pitfalls of prefabricated housing and how it can be adapted to best suits the clients requirements. Bob could serve his clients more effectively if he engaged an architect.

Hinze Dam Visitors Centre, Gold Coast

I recently visited Hinze Dam Visitors Centre located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland. Designed by Architect Malcolm Middleton, composed of concrete and timber cladding and beautifully detailed, it sits seamlessly within its surrounding context. With beautifully landscaped surrounds it was a pleasure to experience and would recommend a visit. The coffee was great too!

Hinze Dam Visitor Centre 1

Hinze Dam Visitor Centre Entry

Hinze Dam Visitor Centre Waterside Park View

Hinze Dam Visitor Centre FrontHinze Dam Visitor Centre Waterside 2

The Spit, Gold Coast


Sunland unveils its proposal for a $600 million dollar residential redevelopment of Mariners Cove at the Spit, Gold Coast, Australia. Designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, the project will prove an inspirational asset to the Gold Coast skyline. Read more about this project in the Gold Coast Bulletin article.

Transparent House USA

The use of glass lends transparency to the structure and makes this house become a part of the environment.

Furnishing Your Home

Furnishings are often considered to be the final consideration before moving into your new home. However, the decision on how to appropriately furnish your home should take place during the design process.

When I design a space for a new home, alteration or addition, I will always place furniture on the plans. This helps for the following reasons:

  • determining the size of the space required;
  • assists with the design of circulation space around furniture;
  • allows to explore flexible future furniture arrangements; and
  • helps the client budget for future furniture purchases

Many clients have existing furniture that can be measured and placed within the design of a space. While its best not to purchase your furniture prior to moving in, as tight fitting furniture may require a measure after the builder has completed his work, but there’s nothing preventing you from window shopping. Furniture is a very effective means of introducing a ‘splash of colour’ into a space. I often encourage my clients to resist introducing too many wall colours in their home, instead using the colours and textures found in furniture to create depth and character within a space.

When working with your architect, discuss and explore various furniture options to ensure you get the most out of your new spaces.