Architect Designed Homes – From a real estate agent’s perspective

Living in an architect designed home can not only prove emotionally rewarding, it can also prove to have economic benefits

People say location, location, location. They never say design, design, design

– Marcus Lloyd-Jones (Modern House Real Estate)

Visit Architecture and Design  for more on Marcus’s views on how architect designed homes can prove a financially beneficial investment.

Architecture of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers

I find the Gold Coast an exciting and vibrant place to design quality buildings. Its natural landscape and built context provokes inspirational ideas for future architecture. Take the time to hear the thoughts and insights from the local architects that help design our beautiful Gold Coast.


Interview with Gold Coast Architect | BDG Architects

Bayden Goddard Architects is an inspirational design practice on the Gold Coast. Stephanie McDonald’s interview with Bayden Goddard (via Architecture & Design)  is a very interesting insight into Bayden’s views on the future of architecture in our local precinct.

How would you define the Gold Coast’s architecture today?

Improving. There are fantastic examples of great architecture sprinkled all over the Gold Coast, but in particular the residential high rises that define our skyline have improved vastly.

How do you think it could improve?

As the Gold Coast continues to mature, there will be real pressure on urban planning, but as long as great architecture, a focus on recreational spaces and the soul of the Gold Coast – the coast itself – is maintained as an inspiration and lifestyle focus, we will continue to improve. We are a definite work in progress.

Albatross Residence

Albatross Residence

What do you think the Gold Coast will look like in 10 years time? 

I think the Gold Coast has started to develop its own international beachside style already and will continue to do so over the next 10 years. It’s an eclectic mix of influences that can stimulate great architecture instead of just simply imitating the past, or elsewhere.

You’ve said there is the myth that architects are expensive. What other myths do you think people have about architects? 

Where could you stop – there are many myths surrounding architects. The bottom line is architects are university trained and registered in all states to be called an architect. Like all professions, architects tend to have varying styles, skills, strengths and personal attributes so if you do your research, speak to a few and choose one you think you can work collaboratively with. The process and outcome should dispel any myths anyway.

What has been your favourite project to date?

I honestly don’t have a favourite project. We have been very fortunate to work with great people to achieve exceptional outcomes and there are many projects that are my favourite – all for vastly different reasons.

Albatross Residence interior


What is one project you wish you had designed?

The Opera House, but I am too young. But seriously, in Australia there are a few. I do really admire Ogilvie Residence and Singapore Cricket Pavilion by Kerry Hill and Whale Beach House by Alex Popov.

What building has had a profound impact on you?

Kaufman House in Palm Springs by Ricahrd Neutra is my favourite. I am consistently drawn to the 50s and 60s architecture of Palm Springs, but I also admire the modern residential works in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld and Marcio Kogen.

Kaufman House by Ricahrd Neutra. Image: Thom Watson. Source: Archdaily (

Kaufman House by Ricahrd Neutra. Image: Thom Watson. Source: Archdaily

Quote of the Day

We shape our buildings; afterwards our buildings shape us

#Quote of the day

We shape our buildings; afterwards our buildings shape us – Winston Churchill

Sustainable Design

Sustainable home design | Hill house

Sustainable design is not just about doing your little bit to save the planet, it’s also about saving money. How your home is designed can greatly affect your energy and water bills. The Archicentre link below focuses the importance of sustainable design in more detail.

Architect Designed Orangutan Enclosure, Perth Zoo

In the world of architect designed homes, no client is off limits. Here is the home designed for Orangutans at Perth Zoo by Iredale Pedersen Hook

Orangutan enclosure Perth Zoo | Iredale Pedersen Hook

Orangutan enclosure Perth Zoo | Iredale Pedersen Hook

Orangutan enclosure Perth Zoo | Iredale Pedersen Hook

Orangutan enclosure Perth Zoo | Iredale Pedersen Hook

No neighbourly love here!!!

Ever had a dispute with your neighbours that would justify this reaction? Here are some nutty neighbours that have taken the ultimate revenge.


Spite houses via Domain

Pre-purchase Inspections Before Buying a Property

Looking at buying a new or existing property? Ron Smith from Archicentre has some very helpful tips worth considering before placing your deposit.

image Pre-purchase inspections can:

  • Be a valuable negotiating tool
  • Help identify any potential or existing building faults
  • Check the property for termites prior to purchase

Be aware, in Queensland, (Australia) Building Inspections must be carried out by a licensed contractor.

Melbourne’s Livable Lego Tower


The Icon St Kilda Melbourne Australia is set to become (as the name suggests) a truely iconic building within its local context. Nicnamed the “Livable Lego Tower” this building is composed of serviced apartments, recreational facilities, private dining areas and gym. Designed by Jackson Clements Borrows Architects, the building is composed of a series of coloured boxes, with each box containing its own unique vertical community. The boxes are clad in a perforated metal cladding and coloured by inspirational artist and callaborator Matthew Johnson. The interior design of the apartments are truely exceptional, in particular, I like the way the external cladding fabric has been used internally on the ceilings, beautifully detailed. I look forward to visiting this building one day.